I live directly on the other side of the globe, in Zululand, South Africa. An opportunity came up to visit my daughter in Victoria, and we included a trip up to the Yukon.

My occupation is farming and I write a little about local characters and humorous events. When we boarded to Air North flight in Vancouver, I naturally picked up the copy of Yukon, North of Ordinary and paged through it.

I cannot explain my delight when I found Dawn Kostelnik’s article entitled “Memories of Rendevous which, I gather, is part of a series entitled the “Sourdough Chronicles”. Man, this just hit the spot, contributing to the most memorable trip of my life, and the feeling that the Yukon could grow on me, now and forever.

She writes in an easy, very entertaining, and descriptive style, and I have to obtain future stories. Because of this, I have decided to try to get back to this magical part of the world. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Dawn.

Gavin Lawrie


Hi Dawn,

I’m writing you this short email to express how much I adore your writing. Your style captivates me every time I pick up the Northern Journal. It’s the first article I read and am impatient waiting until the following week for the next issue. Your stories are so unique, very powerful and entertaining. Thank you for sharing your stories,

Krista Kastiro


Dawn, the White Girl

To most Canadians the North is a special place – unique from the rest of Canada, a mysterious and unknown land. That fascination is in part defined by Aboriginal culture that remains untouched in our great country’s hinterland, in a state of becoming as “progress” finds its way ever deeper into the northern frontier.

Enter the observations of Dawn, the White Girl who grew up in the midst of it over two decades in the ‘60s and ‘70s. She shares with the rest of us experiences and images through the eye of a young girl raised in tiny, remote Aboriginal communities in the Mackenzie Valley.

Breathless, compelling, with amazing imagery, she draws us into a wondrous life that for her was ordinary, day-to-day, but is about as far removed from our modern, materialistic, cell phone addicted, urban lifestyle as one can get.

Thanks to Dawn we glimpse a tiny bit of life in the far North – communities where people cared for one another, out on the land, at one with nature – the way it once was.

Don Jaque, Publisher, Northern Journal


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