The White Girl

True North stories.

May your heart be strong and the blood rushing through your veins be heated with wildness, may your spirit not be tamed and may you not become a sheeple.

In the language of the Northern Slavey, Mashi dwai, thank you very much for joining me.

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criesThe Adventures of the Audrey Eleanor

True Sea Tales

Become the captain of your fate, the master of your destiny. Start your journey by reading the Adventures of the Audrey Eleanor, and may your life never be the same.

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year of the flood coverSourdough Chronicles

Follow the escapades of Captain Rick and First Mate ‘Sunny’ Dawn as they adapt to life without forty below zero and discover palm and banana trees in Canada. The Crew of the Audrey Eleanor first discovers the shores of the North Sunshine Coast while motoring from Haines Alaska to Vancouver Island aboard their 1948, 54’ wooden yacht, the Audrey Eleanor. They felt like they had come home.

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