The Audrey Eleanor and Her Crew

audreyboatThe Boat…

The Audrey Eleanor is a 1948 custom-built wooden yacht. She is fifty-four feet in length with a thirteen and a half foot beam. Shipwright and craftsman Otto Ranft built her in Kent Washington in a hilltop cherry orchard, and we bought her in Prince Rupert and took her north to Alaska. She spent a few years in Alaska before we turned her to portside and headed south to Vancouver Island, during the winter of storms. Why, you ask? We are not sure… because we could, I suppose.

northtoalaskaEl Capitan…

Rick Cousins has worked from the Canadian Arctic to the Antarctic. His work has included the salvaging of planes as large as a water bomber to recovery of his own aircraft after a controlled landing deposited it at the bottom of a Yukon lake. In the summer, he worked his mining claims, and in the winter he headed north of Whitehorse to trap. From the gas fields of Fort Nelson to drilling platforms in the Arctic Ocean, he needed another challenge.

First Mate…

I, Dawn Kostelnik, am the first and only mate onboard, and I am the other challenge. I have the distinction of growing up on the Mackenzie River in the N.W.T during the sixties. Traveling by canoe or a scow wrapped up in my dads five star sleeping bag, if I wasn’t on look out duty for snags and dead heads, the sound of the kicker and the water rushing against the bow always put me to sleep. I traveled hundreds of miles to fish camps and other communities along the Mighty Mackenzie River, but never on this ocean.

Come and live vicariously through the crew aboard The Audrey Eleanor… join us for just one more Adventure!  These stories first appeared in the Whitehorse Star.

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